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Shed kits are the ideal alternative for homeowners who merely desire basic storage shed that is simple to construct and budget-friendly. Storage shed kits are created for amateur builders.


Any person seeking a portable structure, either for the first time or been contemplating buying a fabric shelter that is semi-permanent for a number of years now, we help you!


Actually,  care and proper preparations have to be observed to keep your bike in tip top shape during the long chilly wintertime till conditions are positive to take it out on the open road!


Not every home is built with a garage, so why make your automobile suffer? Carports are useful options for covering your automobile and protecting it from the rain and sun.

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What We Offer for You

Right here at Original Shelters, we provide you an affiliate shop for all of your storage and shelter needs. This consists of metal storage buildings, portable shelters, lean to sheds, portable garage shelter, car canopy, carport kits and easy-to-use and assemble storage sheds built specifically to give you the best protection outdoors possible.

We understand you deserve the very best, which is why we only provide leading brand names that you can trust. Go ahead and take a look at what we can offer you. You can browse our top rated storage shed brands such as Arrow sheds, DuraMax Building Products, E-Z Up Instant Shelters, Handy Home Products, Rhino Shelters, ShelterLogic, Shed in a Box, Garage in a Box and a whole lot more!

Here are a few of the shelter options we specialize in at Original Shelters.

METAL STORAGE BUILDINGS: Metal storage buildings offer consumers a great mix of functionality, practicality and affordability, but the price is not the same as wood or vinyl. They are generally the most economical of all storage sheds for sale, and hardly ever require maintenance. 

Metal storage buildings are much easier to maintain than wood, so owners who do not have the time or money to preserve and maintain the shed ought to consider metal storage buildings. Invest in a metal storage building, and get a shed for less!

WOOD STORAGE BUILDINGS: Wood storage buildings are the most familiar, and often, the most aesthetically appealing storage sheds on the marketplace. Wooden storage sheds are made in essentially every style and design imaginable, and they all provide a conventional and stylish look. 

Wood is likewise the most convenient shed to customize, because the user can paint or stain the storage shed to match an existing home or structure. Our Handy Home and Heartland wood storage building selection are the same storage buildings offered at Home Depot but for much less.

VINYL STORAGE BUILDINGS: There are basically two types of vinyl storage buildings: traditional vinyl and vinyl layered. Strong vinyl sheds are like plastic sheds in that they provide similar strength, need barely any maintenance, and have a relatively higher price. Vinyl sheds are likewise damage resistant, which is an excellent feature to have if the shed is located near a backyard play area for the children or driveway. 

Vinyl layered sheds, on the other hand, are a lot more budget friendly and offer comparable strength. These storage sheds have more economical metal frames and vinyl layered on the outside shell, so they provide excellent weather condition security at a lower cost. Homeowners will discover that these vinyl storage sheds are a nice mix of defense and affordability.

PORTABLE BUILDINGS: Our portable buildings come in fabric, wood, vinyl and steel are well built and affordable. Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, portable storage buildings are a great option for storage barns, backyard sheds, outdoor buildings, garden utility shed or adding affordable storage to any property. 

Our premier portable storage building selection by leading name brand manufacturers come factory direct. All portable buildings come in do it yourself kits for easy and fast assembly. Forget the high price of Graceland, Derksen and Morgan buildings, and get a quality portable building for less today!

PORTABLE GARAGES: Portable garages are fabric covered buildings supported by a structural metal structure. Portable garage structures are truly helpful due to mobility and ease of construction by customers who do not have garage building experience. The most significant advantage of the portable garage is affordability. 

Portable car garage cost a fraction of what a conventional wood, vinyl, metal, or vinyl sided storage garage can cost. Portable garage shelter can supply security for several years prior to cover replacement. Although considered “temporary garages”, in many circumstances a portable garage can be utilized for numerous permanent and semi permanent applications. 

Portable garage shelters are offered in various sizes and design profiles including round, peak and instant garage roof designs. We also offer Garage in a Box and a big selection of prefab garages.

PORTABLE SHELTERS: We offer a complete line of high quality temporary portable shelters and/or permanent instant shelters. Our multi-use, all weather protection portable shelters come in thousands of standard sizes & custom sizes too! 

Our multi-use portable shelters offer the very best alternative to traditional structures, and in many ways, are far more superior and affordable when you consider their Low Costs, Portability, Quick Delivery and many other factors such as Exceptional Quality make our portable shelters for sale the best option online.

TEMPORARY BUILDINGS: Temporary buildings have a wide range of functions, which can range from the residential to the commercial. No matter what type of project, a temporary building is a great option when temporary storage is needed. Whether you’re a contractor requiring a safe location to house jobsite tools or other equipment, Original Shelters has the temporary structures right for you.

CARPORT KITS: Carport kits are a popular and inexpensive way to safeguard your car, truck, Recreational Vehicle, and farm equipment from the weather. Our carport kits can be found in numerous sizes and designs. They are offered in gamble style carport (Barn Roof Carport), Boxed Eave style carport (A-Frame Roof Carport), and Vertical Roof Carport (A-Frame with Vertical Roof which helps the snow slide off). Cover your valuable products the simple way with a discount carport.

CAR SHELTERS: Our great selection of car shelters includes shelters designed for all sizes of cars and trucks, shelters for larger vehicles like boats and RV’s, shelters for motorcycles and watercraft, and portable garages for just about anything in between. Our selection reflects the highest quality items from the most prestigious manufacturers of car shelter products around. 

That’s not to say that you’ll have to pay an arm or leg, though. In fact, our car shelters are discounted with our customers in mind and are a far more affordable option than a permanent structure.

We understand that you may have shelter needs that range from the smallest car sheds, to larger RV and boats, to even carport kits or two car garages. No matter the size or need, we have you covered. 

Our affiliate partners just have any type of material that you need, PLUS for the best price possible! Feel free to choose your own storage building and portable garage shelter materials that include: Vinyl, Fabric, Metal, or Wood. No matter what your budget is, we have the outdoor storage products to meet it!

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    We are trusted resource for portable buildings, storage sheds, carport kits, portable shelters and long-lasting portable garage shelters!

    We even offer cinch tents, canopies, boat shelters and RV storage buildings. Original Shelters is all for improving homes, yards and protecting vehicles. With more than 1,000 storage options online, Original Shelters is sure to have you covered!


    Storage sheds are a perfect place if you are looking for some extra space to store your essentials at a single place or if you want to make it as your workshop place.

    So if you require the shed only for storing purpose, try to include more space to your shed. You can also make it dual door so that conveyance and accommodation of items become easy for you.

    However, if it is to be made as a workroom office, you have to incorporate more features in it. You can add roof lighting and adjustable hanging fixtures to cater to your needs.

    Therefore, depending upon your needs or the purpose of your shed, you can either go with a rustic design with different modifications in it such as multiple doors, cupolas, and windows.

    One of the best part about our sheds is that they are completely customizable. They are available in three basic material units depending on the needs – wood, resin and metal.

    The most sought material for storage shed is the wooden one. They are relatively expensive and stronger than the resin sheds and can withstand the harsh weather conditions.

    If one wants more space and storage shelves and various closet options in their sheds, they are likely to go for the wooden shed.

    Resin sheds are lighter and durable than their wooden counterpart. They do not require much of the maintenance work and are easy to be constructed.

    Metal sheds, on the other hand, need more maintenance and frequent painting to make them resistant to corrosion. They are also not easy to be made and require multiple customizations.

    So, here’s a trick on how to get to your perfect shed size. Whatever size you are planning to buy, just order a little bigger than it. This way you would be able to get more space than you need and if the extra space is not utilized, you have a lot to spare.

    Most of the sheds are put outdoor in the garden on a levelled surface. For that, you can create a cement platform and then build your shed on it.

    The answer to this question depends. So if you are fond of creating or constructing the shed yourself, it is advisable to go with a DIY project. In case, you are an always busy person, you can hire professionals who would do the work for you.

    However, it is preferred to opt for the latter option as it is not only a time saving one but has less chances for errors.

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    Right here at Original Shelters, we provide you an affiliate shop for all of your storage and shelter needs. This consists of metal storage buildings, portable shelters, lean to sheds, portable garage shelter, car canopy, carport kits and easy-to-use and assemble storage sheds built specifically to give you the best protection outdoors possible.

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