4 Great Reasons Homeowners Should Invest in Arrow Sheds

Since the 1960s, Arrow Sheds have provided homeowners a “do it yourself alternative” to costly new construction, thereby making new shed construction affordable and practical. Since their debut five decades ago,  Arrow Sheds has grown into “the worldwide leader” in “shed design and innovation.”

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With more than fifty shed designs in metal and vinyl coating, Arrow storage options practically meet every storage application idea and use. Not to mention they’re affordable! In this instructable, we will attempt to highlight 4 great features that propel Arrow Sheds way above the other storage sheds on the marketplace today. Grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dive on in.

Arrow Sheds Come Complete and Ready to Assemble

The beauty of an arrow shed is their all inclusive. This simply means they include everything needed for set up. No need to invest in shed plans and spend countless hours driving to the Home Improvement Warehouse for parts and hardware. Arrow sheds come complete with all materials and hardware included.

Shed frame, side panels, roof panels, doors and handles and nuts and bolts all professionally packed and ready for assembly. This is a great option for homeowners with limited building knowledge. Arrow sheds arrive in DIY shed kit form and “always include everything needed” for straight forward shed storage building assembly. 

Note: most Arrow Shed kits “do not include floor frames” or “plywood.” Shed floor frame kits are available as an optional upgrade, however not typically included in the storage shed kit package.

The reason is because Arrow shed company knows that many homeowners will install on a concrete pad, thereby eliminating the need for a floor frame. This helps to keep prices at a minimum. 

Arrow Sheds Come With Easy to Understand Assembly Instructions

Arrow storage shed designers take great pains to ensure easy shed assembly for every skill level with only basic hand tools found around the home. Arrow sheds are manufactured with the homeowner in mind. Most Arrow shed customers are “husband and wife” teams who tackle the shed assembly on their own.

Eliminating the need to hire a handyman or general contractor – which can be very expensive to say the least. Instructions for arrow storage products are well written with illustrations and practical tips for quick and fast set-up.

Assembly instructions are also available in several languages.

Arrow Sheds are Available in the Most Popular Shed Designs and Building Materials

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Arrow Storage products come in the “most common and popular designs” on the market. Available in Gambrel (Barn design), Gable Roof, Apex, Lean to and flat roof profile design, Arrow sheds offer something to satisfy every taste and landscape.

The Arrow Red Barn design looks great in a backyard or farm, and comes with a gambrel roof profile that resembles a small barn. Available in 10×8 and 10×14, these barn style sheds can accommodate medium and large storage space requirements with ease. Another popular shed design by Arrow are the Vinyl Dallas series of sheds. 

See an ‘how to build’ an Arrow shed video below:

Available in 8×6, 10×6, 10×8 and 10×12, these vinyl sheds by Arrow look great in a garden or patio area, and can adequately accommodate small and medium space requirements, without causing to much distraction. If extra large storage space is needed for a workshop or even garage, than the Arrow Vinyl Coated Steel Murryhill series of sheds has you covered! 

These extra large heavy duty storage buildings come in a wide range of sizes available from 12×17, 12×21, 12×24, and 12×31. All of these extra larger storage buildings offer a “roll up garage door” and “rear sliding door” for easy entry in the rear of the shop. 14′ wide is available too. Kit brands Arrow in metal, vinyl, wood and vinyl covered steel options come ready to assemble with a 12 year limited warranty. Vinyl and vinyl coated steel come with a 15 year limited warranty.

Arrow Sheds are the Most Affordable Storage Shed Kit Option Anywhere

It’s hard to beat an affordable Arrow shed kit. No really! These high quality shed kits for garden and backyard applications are the cheapest storage sheds anywhere. Many manufacturers will say they are the most affordable, but that just hot air!

When you compare apples to apples, sheds by Arrow storage products cannot be beat! Sure, you can invest in a cheap metal shed, but you’ll get what you pay for. Not to mention, you’ll probably need to replace it in a couple years. Its recommended to stick with a name brand shed when looking to buy a shed online. That way you’ll have a reputable manufacturer to stand behind their product if ever needed. 


These four advantages of owning an arrow shed are not exhaustive, just a simple outline pointing out the best features. There are many other reasons to buy an Arrow shed versus others, but time nor space would allow in this article. 

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