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Any person seeking a portable shed, either for the first time or been contemplating buying a fabric shelter that is semi-permanent for a number of years now, we most definitely have the most up-to-date info for portable structures on the market today! Visit our comprehensive library covering subjects such as: building a garden shed, assembling a garage package, buying a boat canopy, how to decide on a portable structure and so much more. Virtually anything carport and garage-related can be found here.

Styles Available:

  1. Typical peak frames, 
  2. Barn design, and 
  3. Rounded.

Out of these 3 outdoor structure designs which style do you most like?

We all know that appearance is important! Take a look at Home Depot, Sears’s and Lowe’s. They spend billions of dollars a year on marketing their appearance online. Why? Because the image is everything right? Not always!

Quality, design, and price are important considerations too…!

Questions such as:

Why would a rounded design especially benefit a homeowner up North?

What is the difference between a “round style shelter” and a “peak style shelter”?

Is there a snow load rating on portable fabric structures?

These and other important questions are covered here.

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Rounded Garage Shelter

Winters months differ from region to region in North America. Some areas, such as the Pacific Northwest, may experience constant cold rains or snow, while the Northeast is no stranger to blizzards. In areas with heavy snowfall is expected, then a rounded garage shelter gives the following benefits:

Although an extremely noticeable attribute, the rounded surface is greater than a sleek type: Specifically, it enables snow/rain to roll right off. When a couple of feet of snow are anticipated to drop, it’s far better for accumulation to happen on the ground, as opposed to atop a Quonset round style shelter.

Too-heavy build-up, especially with a few of the significant blizzards experienced in the Northeast last winter, can lead to collapse. Most portable structures that are fabric do not have a snow/wind rating, however, we have seen these hold up under extreme wind and snow loads. Our #1 portable storage structure pick is the Original Shelters “Rhino Shelter.”

Built with a heavy polyethylene top that is 22/mil and 10 oz. thick. The top has a special block out scrim that gives it a huge advantage over the other instant garage shelter manufactures. This blackout scrim is sandwiched between the cover /poly and becomes a UV blocking agent. This adds several years to the life of the Rhino Instant Garage. Not to mention the all-steel frame “not powder-coated”. The steel is industrial strength and fully galvanized. These frames will last several years.

I believe ShelterLogic offers its standard fabric-covered buildings in 18/mil – 9 oz fabric. Most of their smaller portable buildings such as 10 x 20; 12 x 20; and the famous garage in a box 12 x 16 have a powder-coated frame and lighter duty top.

Snow’s not the only weather-related worry, naturally. Winters frequently see rainfall and then freeze. Similar to lowering snow buildup, ice is a lot better on the ground than birthing its weight on the polyethylene and metal layout of your portable garage. Round style garages will help to assist runoff.

Peak Style Shelters

Peak style roof designs on portable garages resemble a house. Many homeowners in Texas, New Mexico, California, and sunny states with not much snow typically go with the peak style structure. Peak designs do well with rain runoff and offer more interior room than the round style shelter.

Full Enclosure

Winter is one of those times a homeowner places an RV or watercraft in for storage, where it stays for at least 6 months. Peaked frame shelters can be enclosed with sidewall surfaces and door panels. The rounded mobile garage currently comes outfitted with such attributes built-in. Beyond the front and back panels, a polyethylene cover curves from one side to the following, offering merely the best degree of protection to stay out dangerous wetness and UV rays.


For the purchaser, the rounded structure can be found in an option of practical setups: Some adequate and large enough to accommodate a Recreational Vehicle’s elevation, and others long or wide adequate to house two or even more cars front-to-back or side to side. These portable structures are also great for storing watercraft, motorcycles, farm equipment, firewood, bulk storage, livestock sheds and shelters and so much more. The best height, width, and length with the ideal roof design can be discovered before the winter season begins formally.

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